The SFATW Mandate

SF Around the World is a monthly online journal rounding up downloads, videos, reviews, and other material from around the Internet that relates to speculative fiction from an international perspective, especially (though not exclusively) fiction that originates from outside the western European and North American countries that tend to dominate the mainstream.  It publishes on or about the 20th of each month, with additional bulletins as necessary.

You can find SFATW on Facebook and Twitter.

If you know of an item you think should appear in SF Around the World, please send it to me at nas@nassauhedron.com.

Origins of SFATW

SF Around the World began as a column in International Speculative Fiction, where I was the non-fiction editor.

The Editor

I am an author, with fiction, non-ficiton, and poetry published in journals in the United States, Europe, and Oceania, as well in a number of traditional and independently published books.

I have also been an editor for more than a decade and am a founding partner at IndieBookLauncher.com, an author services company specializing in helping indie authors.

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My blog at NassauHedron.com.


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